IFC Sports Consultancy specialise in
bringing people
together to reach
a common goal.

It is our network of world-class sports educators, administrators and players that enable us to create a point of difference for our clients.

In the sports environment, both nationally and internationally, IFC Sports Consultancy are able to provide the following key services for our clients:

1. Event Management Consultancy

IFC Sports Consultancy has a track record of running professional sports events and programs. We are capable of creating a meaningful point of difference in any event, whether it be coaches for coaches session or a national sports education and development program.

2. Expert educators

IFC’s network of professional coaches, both retired and active professional sportspeople, proven program administrators and our partnerships with leading international sporting institutions enables IFC to cater for any event or program.

3. Program development

We are able to design and create sports programs to suit any need. All our programs are designed in association with professional and industry specific partners.

4. Career development opportunities

We pride ourselves on our network of key sporting people, bodies and institutions. In addition, our network extends itself to the commercial partners and afliates associated with leaders of sports. This places IFC in a unique position where we are able to facilitate in developing the commercial relationships of leading players and bodies.


IFC is a company that prides itself on our commercial enterprise and ability to utilise our network to deliver all client needs. Please contact us for more information on any subject.