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April IFC Development Camps

April 2017 IFC Development Camps

In April of 2016 Silvio returned to New Zealand for the third time in 8 months to continue the work on football development in the Italian way. IFC were pleased to announce the opportunity of focused football coaching in smaller and more defined groups.

Initially there was a one week camp held in Wellington attended by a group of 20 of IFC’s top players. Coached by Silvio Ferri and Justin Palmer over the course of the camp the participants were introduced to a new aspect of the Italian experience by working in smaller groups and moving the focus from individual skill to team dynamics and tactics.

Over the course of the camp a better understanding of the high level set with regards to the expectations on IFC players was strengthened. Silvio highlighted at the end of the week that he was pleased with the progress made over the week and highlighted the value of amount of time he had to work with the players.

Following the week in Wellington IFC went on the road up to Porritt Stadium in Hamilton to cater to the IFC squad members based further up the country. Following on from the high level set in Wellington Silvio and Justin were pleased by the commitment and work ethic shown by the camp attendees.

This was a highlight for IFC as we extended our opportunities to a new part of the country continuing our goal to give all kiwi youth footballers the chance to work with world class football educators.

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