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AC Milan Junior Camp 2016

In January 2016 the second instalment of the AC Milan Junior Camp New Zealand took place. This camp looked to follow on from the skills and lessons learned in the first AC Milan Junior Camp held in July 2015.

IFC were delighted to have Milan Coach Silvio Ferri back once again as the relationship between the Italian philosophy of football and New Zealand youth football were developed.

The key factor of retaining a number of the coaches from the inaugural camp was a positive in the further Development of the IFC players.

Coach Justin Palmer provided the following feedback on his experience;

I would just like to thank all the parents and participants for a fantastic camp. The level of football I saw this week was a huge improvement on the previous camp in terms of dedication and focus. The participants truly committed to the professional nature of the AC Milan Junior Camp. The feedback we received from Koen and Silvio was a real compliment to the effort and dedication shown by the participants. I would also like to say thank you to all parents who were there for the week as your support for the children and the camp was a huge benefit. Lastly well done to the winner, Mirko, the runners up Gianpasquale, Travis and Alex and to all participants for the week.

In this camp the Italian experience was expanded on. IFC would like to extend a big thank you to Mediterranean Food Warehouse who sponsored authentic Italian lunches for all the participants. Again a thank you to Armstrong Prestige for hosting us at their showrooms and of course a big thank you to Polytan International whom provided scholarships to a number of participants.

Following this camp there had been some media attention on the state of youth development in New Zealand football. The success of the AC Milan camps drew the attention of the media once again and the Dominion post interviews with Silvio and Raffaele can be accessed at the links below.

  1. Tauranga 11-year-old Mirko Brinkmann set for trip to football giants AC Milan
  2. NZ coaches 'too soft'.

This built on IFC’s philosophy of developing youth players by providing them access to the highest level of youth coaching. The positive experiences of this camp lead us to announce a Development Squad of players identified by the Milan coaches. This group have been working together since the camp with a goal to further the commitment to the Italian philosophy of football.

Development Squad:

  • Mirko Brinkmann
  • Max Falconer
  • Travis Stirling Daily-Braun
  • Fletcher Pratt
  • William Eng
  • Leon Cooke
  • Gianpasquale Moreno
  • Nathan Murray
  • Liam Shearer
  • Sean Smith
  • Owen Egan
  • Xavier Brown
  • Josh Frankhouser
  • Tze-Xaun Loke
  • Harry Chittick
  • Carlos Ranui
  • Wade Melville
  • Xavier Maddox
  • Alex Braakhuis

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